Nueva Vida Essential Oils

The link to my online oils store if you know what you're looking for or would like to browse.  For any specific ailments please do contact me and I can then guide you to which oil(s) would be most suited.

Nueva Vida Weight Management

I have literally tried every diet and have also spen about 3/4 of my life on one. 

Last year I swore I would no longer diet as they just haven't worked for me in the longterm.  Yes, I lose weight extremely well on a diet but as soon as the diet is over I go back to old habbits and put the weight back on plus some extra just because I can...

Sounding familiar???!!!

With a mix of NLP techniques, self hypnosis and Herbalife nutrition I am on the way to my goal but this time I also know that when I reach it I'll be able to maintain it.  

If you'd like some help and support with weight management please do get in touch I'd love to walk with you on the journey.



The leading education company for midwives who wish to use complementary therapies in the UK. 

Founded and run by Denise Tiran.

They have a growing network of trained practitioners across the UK.


The positive birth movement

Free to attend support groups to discuss and share all aspects of positive birth in a safe environment.

Find your local group on their website.


Doula UK

Learn about the role of the Doula and find ones local to you.